Decentralized Cash Score Validation for Financial Transaction with LightData

We're bridging the gap between the information and the insight, helping you serve more customers and build better products with smart contract on smart chain.
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A revolutionary new approach to financial status and creditworthiness with Decentralized protocol.

Leverage cash flow underwriting to accurately predict credit default risk, and score missing- and thin-file consumers.
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Refine, categorize and enrich disorganized transaction data to generate clean, simplified, and accurate account activity.
Surface key insights and features describing consumer financial status like liquid assets, financial obligations, spending patterns and more.
Analyze banking transactions to identify gross and net pay, income stability, employment, and income sources.

Next Generation
Decentralized Transaction

The future of open banking is here. Whether you're in banking, lending, real estate, personal finance, or insurance, Light Data provides you with a powerful opportunity to do more with your data.

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One Powerful API

Our developer-friendly API helps you transform raw data into actionable insights. Integrate in a flash and other ethereum based blockchain.
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pragma solidity

contract name = "LightData"
totalSupply = 32000000

symbol = LIGHT

features = client.features(transactions)

derived_income = client.derived_income(transactions)

light_score = client.light_score(transactions)
Light Data is compatible with leading data aggregators and all standard DDA file formats.
Compliance First
Compliance is a top priority and we ensure our solutions, systems and processes meet applicable laws and regulations.
To ensure consumer safety and client compliance, we use AWS-managed disk-level encryption and we do not collect, sell, or store consumer PII.
Independent Validation
Our processes and systems are regularly reviewed, validated, and audited against industry standards by independent third parties.

Safe and Secure

Our infrastructure is built to ensure privacy, safety, and security for our clients, partners, and consumers.
Case Study
Light Data is the engine that has powered WebBank to make hundreds of thousands of credit decisions in the Petal program, and to serve over 2,000 credit card customers, the majority with little or no credit history.
“Getting real insights derived from transaction level data gives more creditworthy customers access to credit. I know that when our partners use Light Data and the CashScore, they are able to make the best decision for their customers and for their business.”
John Yuen
Director of Credit Risk at Petal
“Insights and CashScore by Light Data provides a comprehensive view of an applicant’s cash flow and personal balance sheet. It helps identify financial stress much earlier than behavioral data from the bureaus that only acts as a lagging indicator.”
Manik Chawla
Chief Risk Officer at Petal

Why Light?

Light Data empowers businesses to serve more customers, build better products, and make smarter decisions.*
Approve More Customers
Approve more customers already in your funnel and expand your addressable market.
Your Losses
Improve your credit decisioning and reduce losses across the credit spectrum.
Speed Up Implementation
Eliminate months of wasted data science and development time.
Pre Sale End
Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges at June 30, 2022.
Listing Price 1 LIGHT = 1 USD
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Join Presale - Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 150 LIGHT , Max Buy 10 BNB = 150,000 LIGHT
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